Technology Enhanced Learning. Time to play my part.

Currently serving on my school’s senior leadership team and a year six teacher, I am very passionate about ‘closing the gap’ in attainment. I am also on ‘Growing Future Leaders’, a course for aspiring school leaders run by Oxfordshire Teaching Schools Alliance and therefore have had the privilege of receiving training from the brilliant John West-Burnham and networking with other aspiring leaders. As part of this course, I need to carry out a school-based project. I have decided to focus on whether ‘Technology Enhanced Learning’ (TEL) closes the gap.

My school recently invested in a class pack of iPads. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed using Apps such as Ping Pong or Socrative. However, it is too easy to use these Apps and not maximize learning. I will be blogging about how I have used technology and evaluate the impact. Although some Apps or other technology will be subject specific, I will also use Apps that would be useful for formative assessment in any lesson.

Please feel free to comment on any of the blogs that you read on here and share your own TEL adventures.


3 thoughts on “Technology Enhanced Learning. Time to play my part.

  1. While technology can provide information really quickly and clearly, it doesn’t have any emotional context which is, I believe, necessary for good memorisation and understanding.


  2. Hi Matt,Dan from Windale here! Nice idea for a blog. Can you include some links to the apps you include please? I can recommend blogsy for updating blogs using an ipad, also good for kids to self publish. Hope you’re well.


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