‘Showme’ for addressing targets

What I used

I find that the most progress made in mental maths is from pupils setting their own targets based upon incorrect answers in their weekly mental maths test. They are then able to use resources in the classroom and also, to accompany this, their peers support them to achieve their target.

However, I was finding that there were some pupils who were struggling to learn key skills during this time. For example, although they were able to remember there 7 times tables, they struggled to remember the process of rounding or what happened when you multiply multiples of ten together. My class is quite diverse too. The children are between level three and six in maths. Therefore what I wanted to use had to provide an appropriate level of challenge for everyone.

I decided to use Showme. Showme is a shared resource of online tutorials. I signed myself up to this and was then able to create logins for all my pupils (this took a while as I had to do it individually). Then, with an ‘evening’ beverage in one hand, I started recording tutorials that were 3-5 minutes in length. It took me an hour and a half but I think next time I won’t need to do so many.


What I did

We only had a 30 minute lesson in maths today since we were going to the church for our Christingle Service rehearsal. I simply asked the children to find their target, which was written on a post-it note and stuck to our maths working wall, and find a video tutorial of mine to watch. I instantly realised that 30 iPads with sound up wasn’t a good idea and half the children found other places to sit in the resource area outside the classroom. They were all given whiteboards and whiteboard pens to have a go at the task I asked them to do at the end of the tutorial (generating numbers with dice). Most children were engaged in this. I then asked them to share with a partner the tutorial that they focused on and what they have learnt that they struggled with previously.

Pros and Cons

I could easily record the videos at home and do lots of short tutorials for challenging a range of pupils. Also, all the children were only able to watch educational tutorials- guided access helped with that! So, if for a moment a pupil decided he would go onto another tutorial they will still be learning something. Nevertheless, the majority of pupils were able to focus and engage. They also managed to achieve targets which they had had for two or more weeks! Result! Later today the headphones arrived, so I look forward to trying this type of lesson with the headphones and therefore less distraction!

Did it Maximize Learning?

It guides pupils as learners. It helps them take control of their own learning by choosing what they need to focus on. That helps make it more personalised for them. I was teaching each child individually at their level. The only difference: I was doing it 1:1 with 27 different pupils.


Have you used Showme before? Does your school used ‘Flipped Learning’? Does it work? I would love to hear more about it!


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