Post-It Plus for Sorting

What I used 

During the morning, I read a post by Moheeni Patel (@MoheeniPatel) about the use of post-it notes. She explained how they are helpful for self and peer-assessment –  This got me thinking about using the Post-It Plus App today. I had seen the app before and played around with it. But I was eager to use it. The App allows you to take a picture of Post-Its that you have written on. It immediately recognises most of the Post-It notes and allows you to tap on the remaining ones to select. Afterwards it puts the Post-it images onto a blank board. You are able to manipulate the Post-It notes by moving them around, writing on them and writing new ones.

What I did

Having finally completed our class book, I wanted the pupils to think about the two main characters, Anthony and Damian. I asked all the pupils to write down on their Post-It notes everything they know about Anthony and Damian. After everyone wrote down Post-It notes, they took photos using the app and created new boards. They renamed the boards to ‘Damian’, ‘Anthony’, ‘Both’ and ‘Neither’. With their partner, they were able to discuss each statement about the characters and sort them. Some pupils added their own notes using a stylus pen. After the class had sorted their Post-It notes, we had a discussion concerning how they sorted their notes.

Pros and Cons

This app is promising. It can be used in so many ways. Although post-it notes are an incredibly useful resource for so many reasons, it is difficult to keep records of them. However, Post-It Plus allows you to do so. It also allows lots of people to manipulate the same Post-It notes as each other. Some pupils found that none of the post-it notes were selected when the picture was taken. Therefore it became a more time consuming task for some pupils than what I had originally expected.

Did it Maximize Learning?

In this case, probably not. I probably could’ve done a similar activity with real post-it notes and gained the same results. The main difference was that the pupils were able to view other groups post-it notes and we could save them electronically. I think this app could be used better but haven’t decided how yet…


Do you have any suggestions of how to use the app?


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