Augmented Reality to Motivate Pupils

What I used

It has been an exciting week for me. I started up this blog to share with readers what I have found successful about particular apps. I need to know whether investing into more iPads across my school will benefit pupils in their education. My head teacher is innovative in many ways and she enjoys hearing about teaching and learning methods that would maximize learning (@traceyjanesmith). Due to this, she also invited Amjad Ali (@ASTsupportAAli) for an inset. This has been part of my learning journey during this term. On Thursday, I had the pleasure of going to my first ever Teach Meet, which was held at Cheney School. Here I heard some of my current Twitter heroes who have been an inspiration to me over the last month. They have inspired me to not just use technology but to use it well! Two of these people were: Mark Anderson (@ICTevangelist) and Rachel Jones (@rlj1981)

One of the ideas shared during the Teach Meet was about augmented reality. Augmented Reality is best explained by Mark Anderson on his blog . On the final day of term, with only a few hours left, I wanted the pupils to leave on a high. So, I put AR Showcase onto the Apps onto their iPads and included some of the images. I loved the dragon one the most. I also added Augment Plus onto the iPads. This allows you to choose your image, it gives it a shadow and some of them move freely!

What I did

First, as the pupils arrived into the classroom, I played Queen (as all teachers should) and used Augment Plus to show a dancing skeleton in the classroom. The children were mesmerised. After that, I shared the image which allows you to create 3-D drawings from string and asked the pupils to create their own Father Christmas. There were a range of hilarious images across the class.

Pros and Cons

There are lots of new apps out there (see Mark Anderson’s site) which include augmented reality. Most of these are really easy to use and my pupils were able to use it immediately. I found that AR Showcase struggled to scan images from the Touchscreen but other than that it went very smoothly.

Did it maximize learning

This lesson was more experimental than purposeful! I am now looking forward to using some of the augmented reality apps in the new year. I look forward to using them in biology lessons, maths (looking at 3-D shapes) and inspiring stories in literacy. I think that it will motivate pupils in an incredible way!


Have you used augmented reality in your lessons and what did you do? Were pupils inspired? Did it maximize learning?

Happy Christmas!



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