Nearpod for Assessing.

What was used?

Today I used NearPod. NearPod is an all-in-one presentation and polling application for the classroom and is perfect if you have 1:1 devices. You can create your own presentations or simply upload one you made earlier. You can also add other features, such as question/answer polling, surveys, drawings. There is also the option to add videos, sound clips or links to other websites.

@ICTEvangelist explains how to use it here.

How was it used?

I prepared a presentation on multiplying with decimals. After we had worked through the presentation together we tried some questions together. I wrote up 4 questions with different ‘challenge’ levels. The pupils were able to respond to the questions on the ‘Draw’ page and send it back to me. I then asked the pupils to answer 6 questions in their maths book. Once they had completed those questions, I asked them to respond to new questions again on NearPod.

As the teacher, I can clearly see who made progress during the lesson. In the past I have asked pupils to write on whiteboards at the beginning and end of a lesson so I know who has made progress. The trouble is, for those of us without photographic memory, I can’t seem to remember those who don’t make progress. This is a great tool to help me look through the responses at the end of the day and plan the next day’s lesson with certain pupils in mind.


It is very easy to set up! The codes for Apps such as Socrative contain a very long room code of letters and numbers. However, NearPod had just five letters.

You don’t have to think about saving anything. Once the children have logged on and completed the quiz or the poll, it saves all of that information for you to look at later. This is a trick that Socrative and PingPong are missing out on!


I ended up doing a lesson that worked around a presentation and even my examples were included on the presentation. I decided to use the SmartBoard instead for the teacher input. It doesn’t matter how fancy the technology is that you are looking at- powerpoint presentation is powerpoint presentation!

Did it maximize learning?

I could tell you tomorrow. I’ve just planned tomorrow’s lessons based upon the results from the questions I asked the pupils. I know who might need five minutes with me at the beginning of the session and who I can challenge more. A brilliant assessment tool that is made with a teacher in mind. So next time you’re observed and asked that brilliant question ‘How do you know your children made progress?’ you can be much more specific.


It seems that lots of people use NearPod. I want to know how others build it into their lessons. Would you use it in your school? What is its best function for you?


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