If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

This is a slightly different type of blog post for me. This week, I have been quite determined with the iPads. I had this wonderful idea of using Scannable, which is a great app for easily scanning documents, and combining it with thinglink, which was recommended to me by @rlj1981 at the Oxford Teach Meet. Thinglink allows you to embed multimedia into a jpeg image.

I have recently been struggling to engage my children in writing high quality peer or self assessment (probably through lack of modelling) and thought the iPads could be the answer!

I wanted them to annotate a piece of their partners work. I attempted this lesson earlier on in the week but hadn’t realised that I needed to set up log-ins for all the pupils (a random generated email address). However, at 10pm last night I figured out how to do it by going to edu.thinglink.com to register as a teacher first! Today I came armed with their logins and had promised all the pupils an exciting session. Nevertheless, the iPads had a different idea and for some reason they decided to continually ‘fail login attempt’.

I then asked the pupils to simply add their scanned work onto Doodle Buddy and annotate it their. Actually, in this case, writing in each other’s books would’ve been much time efficient and they would’ve got more out of it.

Lesson learned: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


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