SPAG in Year Six


Recently introduced to be tested throughout year sixes, has actually been one of my favourite lessons to teach. There are so many ways to make it fun and interesting. I love using videos from for getting the children to sort sentence types from a video. I have found that this potentially dull area of learning can be brought alive in many ways.

However, it is also important to check understanding and analyse children’s results. Two months ago, I received a beer-coaster in the post from I have never received a beer-coaster from anyone- let alone an educational company. I immediately thought that this is a company who knows their market audience and deserves my attention.

I looked through their website and was very pleased at what they offer. There are four simple steps to

  1. Choose the test that the children will take
  2. Children take the test
  3. Class gap analysis – general and specific
  4. Individual child analysis

It isn’t normal that children are begging me to take a test but earlier this morning I had gleeful smiles when my pupils realised that during the afternoon they will do a SPAG test. This works so well for me as I can teach specifically for groups or the whole class depending on where the gap is.

I give pupils one hour to complete the test each week and take 30 minutes going through it with them on a different day. It prepares them for the real thing and is laid out just like the SATs but is much more enjoyable. This website works on tablets and laptops.


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