Prototype on Paper

Earlier today, I bravely used Prototype on Paper. You can go to the website to find out more but it is basically an app which enables the user to develop their own prototype app through taking pictures and adding hyper-links. We used it to build our own Story Plan- considering the 5Ws for the beginning, problem, climax, resolution and end.

This excites me.

The children had scrap paper, coloured pens and 45 minutes to develop their own App-Plan. I modelled how to do it at the beginning of the lesson (realising that some printed out instructions would also benefit the children).

Most children, after gaining understanding of hyperlinks worked well. Others didn’t.

Once the children had completed their work, I asked them to simply add the link to their project onto Padlet. This means I can easily look at them and comment on them so that they can improve their planning for tomorrow.

Click here to see one example


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