Showbie: 1st attempt

What did I use?

During the BETT 2015 conference, I made a bee-line for the Showbie stand. I had seen it floating around blogs and Twitter and had even downloaded it myself but without much understanding of how it could be used in the classroom. Kindly, Joe Morretti had the patience to sit down with me and show off its key features.

Showbie allows you to assign, collect and review students’ work on the iPad. I could write a note, leave a voice recording, or share a pdf and pupils can carry out the task and then send back the finished product.

How did I use it?

For a first attempt I wanted to keep it simple. I uploaded a pdf worksheet on finding percentages off amounts. This is something we were looking at all of last week so I didn’t spend ages modelling. Pupils signed up to my classroom account and downloaded the PDF sheet. They used their desks (which have been painted in Whiteboard paint) to show their working out.

At first I thought children had to take a screen grab and send it back to me- how wrong was I!

Children completed the task and pressed done. I had live access to their work and was able to mark the actual PDF sheet they used on Showbie using a stylus pen. I also left voice recordings and comments for pupils. This certainly made the experience more enjoyable for  pupils!


Children gave it a big thumbs up at the end.

The free version gives you enough room to explore the usefulness of the app.

There are a range of ways you can send work and give feedback to pupils

Pupils can access it at home. I’m starting to assign homework using this App, even if it’s to watch a video before a lesson.

I feel like I have lots to discover with this App and am looking forward to seeing how it can help me on our learning journey.


It would be even better if it had some of the same functions as Nearpod.

Did it maximize learning?

The lesson was a first attempt for me and the children could’ve done the same work in their books. However, children are able to receive feedback in a variety of ways which does encourage them. My lesson was an exploratory one so I look forward to seeing how I can use it in future lessons and the impact it will have on learning.


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