Reading for Pleasure and QR Codes

Teachers reading for pleasure correlates with children reading for pleasure. Sometimes at the beginning of the day,  we allocate a short period of time when everyone is reading their own book. I use this as an opportunity to get my book out. As a New Years resolution, I decided that I would like to work my way through ‘Lord of the Rings’ by JRR Tolkein. However, although I use every opportunity possible to talk about the books we are reading -sometimes this isn’t enough. So instead, I borrowed an idea from Amjad Ali which he shared from his agility toolkit.

I photocopied the front cover of the book I’m reading and put it on my classroom door. I also added a QR code. Not one that linked with a book review but with a padlet page. I am asking pupils to scan in and write a question for me to respond to. When I have time available or I’ve read certain parts of the story, I can reply to pupil’s posts on padlet.

Check out the page at  which I am currently working on.


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