Peer-Assessment Checklist and Google Forms

I am always trying to find good ways to encourage children to peer-assess, I think that talking about writing with your partner has an incredible effect on growing young writers. Often we glue checklists into books, for me these are often success criterion that pupils have come up with.

This time I used google forms. I left a QR code on each desk with the link to the google form. Pupils had to sit down next to each other and talk about their own work. I asked them to select the boxes of the criteria that their partner had achieved and also write the name of the person’s writing they were looking at. I told everyone that they had to put their case forward to their partner (to prove that they did write in present simple tense for example).

This was quick and easy.

Right now, I’m looking at the results. I can see where the weaknesses are and what I need to do to fill the gaps tomorrow. It took 30 seconds to set up and is saving me a lot of time tonight! I can see the number of pupils that understand as a graph, bar chart, percentage and number. Since technical vocabulary didn’t score high, I know that that is something to work on for next time.

This is definitely something I will use again soon.


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