Green Screen

I waited and waited for out VPP login to be set up (this allows us to make volume purchases of apps). In the meantime, I ordered a pop-up green screen. This is much like a pop-up tent which is easy to get out but virtually impossible to put in its bag afterwards.

As soon as the VPP was set-up, I wanted to test the app with the children. Since we had been using explanation writing to explain the cold war (based on Fire-Eater by David Almond), I asked the children to work in groups to prepare cue cards and record their own video.

The children were in groups of four and had stickers with their role and a QR code. The QR code gave a short job description on Google Docs and helped the children work in groups, with every child engaged and involved.

Here is a snapshot of one of the stickers:


The children chose picture from the web that linked to their paragraph. Although it was difficult to get the timings right, the directors helped with the timings.

With the camera-man steadily holding the iPad and the director holding the cue cards, the presenters explained how the Cold War started.

The Green screen helped children to communicate their ideas. It brought the topic to life and the children were engaged throughout. They were happy to listen to and respond to any feedback which helped them create the best video possible.


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