Paper by FiftyThree and Book Creator.

This term, observations were done slightly differently. Rather than receiving an observation from just those in leadership, the head teacher observed me with the NQT I am mentoring. He (the NQT) had to give me feedback on my lesson- which was really constructive!

I planned my lesson using Teacher Toolkit’s 5 minute lesson plan. This was really helpful for me to gather my ideas and prepare my resources.

I began the lesson with a QR code treasure hunt. I found that children engaged and worked quicker with finding causal connectives and then writing them down in a sentence on their tables/whiteboards.

This lesson was part of a sequence where we have been explaining our inventions for Dragon’s Den at the end of the week. I asked children to use Paper by FiftyThree to draw three pictures which will help them explain their invention. Paper by FiftyThree made their drawings come to life, especially with the water-colour option.

Children then screen-grabbed the pictures and put them onto Book Creator. Using Book Creator, children added sound buttons. These sound buttons were of children explaining how their invention works. They also used the causal connectives from the QR code treasure hunt.

Children shared these with me on Showbie. I can now watch these videos back to check that children have achieved the success criteria. I also decided to use google forms again for a success criteria checklist. After children had sent me their work, they assessed it.

Tomorrow is another exciting lesson (not least because we have two head-teachers and 2 teachers observing how we are using iPads). We are creating persuasive posters. Since I had some trouble with Thinglink before, I am going to use Book Creator again. However, here is the introduction to get you excited…



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