Exploring the Highwayman with Technology

Our school orders in class readers. Those books become the focus of attention for the class. It’s not just the literacy but all subjects are affected by what the pupils are reading. This time, we’ve chosen the Highwayman. It’s a brilliant narrative poem. To explore it, we have used a range of technologies. Here are some highlights.

  1. Tagul is great for making word clouds. I took a range of pictures from the Highwayman book, most of these involved key characters such as Bess or Tim. The children had to write 20 words which described the character. After that, they upload the picture and use a tool on Tagul to make the edges more defined. I found this website really easy to use and we got some really effective word clouds from it. tagul
  2. Green Screen #Appsmashed with Aurasma. I personally prefer Green Screen by Do-Ink. The children find it easy to use and are able to navigate it independently. The children chose their images from online or drew them and took a picture. These became their backgrounds. Children became particular characters and, standing in front of the green screen, shared a monologue of their character from different parts of the play. Afterwards, we linked these monologues with the matching page from the book using Aurasma. Whenever the children hold the iPad over the particular pages, the video pops up and begins to show their characters thoughts. I love Aurasma and the children were mesmerised by it. This will soon make an excellent display for other classes to use and find out about the characters from the highwayman.

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